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For over 50 years Azonic Products has been the world's leading manufacturer for the coil winding industry and today many other industries. Our full range of tensioning equipment, rack mounting systems for multiple winding operations and, of course, our original "Wisker Disk®" has made the name Azonic synonymous with quality, economy and dependability. Our products are not only used for the wire industry, our equipment is used for wire cloth, wire mesh, fiberglass weaving, Kevlar, yarn, nylon, dental floss, and even plastics used in weed trimmers among many other products. We have a tensioning device suited for your needs. All you have to do is give us a call.

26-350 Grams Tension

30-350G for AWG 31-44

58-620 Grams Tension

30-700G for AWG 28-40

14-58 Grams Tension

30-40G for AWG 40-47

280-7100 Grams tension

4C3000 for AWG 16-32


2.2-21 Grams Tension

3535 for AWG 45-56

.095-58 Grams tension

ACU-FLEX for AWG 40-58

Rack Setup

Rack mounts

Custom Sizes available

Standard For 2.5-12 inche Spools

Model 2C3000 Tension Controller and Monitor


Model 2C3000F Tension Controller and Monitor


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